Studio Equipment
- Microphones: Rode Classic II, AKG C414B-ULS
- Preamps: Aphex 107, ART 259
- Converters: Tango 24, Lynx One (Both 96/24)
- Soundcards: RME-3296 Hammerfall
- Software: SAW Studio
- Monitors: Yamaha NS-10M, KRK V8

Output Available
MP3/WAVE/AIFF, CD Overnight, and Ftp.


Bachelor's degree in advertising (UANL 1987-1991), with a wide experience in live radio and voice off for TV, I have knowledge that lets me understand and efficiently translate your communication objectives to the microphone.

Additional Skills
Also, and as part of Audiomania (my own studio), I produce on a daily basis and have acquired the required skills to record, edit and produce. Another great advantage is that in Audiomania, I have 2 fully equipped studios, so you can ask for a recording almost 24/7.

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